Summer's Blues

Summer's Blues Measurements:(L) 75"x(W)72"


Sankofa measurements:(L)60"x(W)65" 

Tee shirt Blanket measurements:(L)45"x(W)40"


Tee shirt blanket 

Blanketz In the round

The  Pyramid Of Ragz

To date, the artist have created 9 Blanketz from old clothing.

Studio 2: Bottle Cap Sculpturez

Though the New York started the recycling prograsm on May 29, 1990, to date nine out of every ten tons of plastic bottles collected for recycling, will still end up in a landfill somewhere in America  

On recycling day in Brooklyn, New York ,even on the Brooklyn Bridge,                                the artist can find any color bottle caps that he needs. Through the

plastic bags,he can see all the beautiful colors of the bottle caps inside.

Ironically, though only 1 out of every ten tons of plastic is recycled, the

bottle caps are rarely recycled, except by artists. In fact, if most people

followed the bottle law, they would have to remove the bottle cap from

the bottle before disposing it. Casing point , though only some plastic bottles 

are recycled, the bottle caps are never recycled. 

Studio Two: Bottle Cap Sculpturez

   What Are Bottle Cap Sculpturez" ?                 Bottle Cap Sculpturez is Earth -friendly craft project that transform plastic and metal bottle caps, plastic bottles popsicle sticks and other household trash. The color of the bottle caps determine what colors will be used on the project.

Plastic and metal bottle caps come in an array of beautiful colors and sizes. The first bottle caps were called "Crown Corks invented in 1891.

The artist has collected bottle caps from as close as his trash can , streets in his community - and from as far away as The Brooklyn Bridge and Prospect Park. 

Popsicle and craft sticks

The first Bottle Cap Sculpturez were made from popsicle sticks that came from the artist's ice cream bars. He would eat the ice cream and save the sticks, not knowing how he would eventually use them. 

As the Bottle Cap Sculpturez project matured, it began to utilize many other household discarded items. See chart below

plastic bottle caps

umbrella parts

Popsicle sticks

wooden skewers

incense sticks

reflective plastics

plastic bottles


reflective plastics
compact discs
metal clothes hangers
broken mirror ,
wooden coffee

"Night Owl"

Night Owl -back view

Night Owl -front view

Heading 3

water carrier

Water carrier is made with 18 bottle caps, 50 popsicle sticks, wood skewers,wooden coffee stirrers, incense sticks, plastic bottle, reflective plastics and black Paint, 


FunTasTickz "Propz"

Lobster claw, 2 different fabrics and reflective paper. Photographed under special lightz designed by the artist.

Popsicle sticks, plastic phere and fabric. 

"Wood Sculpturez"

Casved by the artist from drift wood found in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. Photographed under special lightz created by the artist. 

"Propz"manequin and clam shells photographed under special lights created by the artist.

Painted clam shells, popsicle sticks,  various plastics and fabric. Photographed  under special lightz# 2

Trashlightz, compact discs, reflective paper and plastic umbrella handle under and marbles. Photographed under special lightz created by the artist from disposable cigarette lighters. 

Trashlightz, cut fabrics, plastic phere, plastic scraps, reflective paper, mirror, compact discs. Photographed under special lightz created by the artist from disposable cigarette lighters

"Propz" pine cones, fabrics, Metro card, reflective paper. Photographed under lightz created by the artist. 

Trashlightz,burned matches,empty match books, fabrics , pinecones and special lighting created by the artist.  

Bottle Cap Sculpture , pinecone, reflective paper, fabric and special lighting. All photography done by the artist. 

            Compact disc, fabrics, reflective paper and special lightz

Bottle Cap Sculpture, fabric, cotton and pinecones. Photographed under special lightz created by the artist. 

Pastasio shells, bent popsicle sticks, pine cone peddles and a ball from the siccamore tree. ,

Clam shells, fabric and bent popsicle sticks.

Assorted colored shoestrings photographed under special lightz created by the artist.

Clam shells, bent popsicle sticks, black paint, fabric, mirror and plastic.

Ball from sycamore tree, incense sticks, pistasio shells, empty toothpick containers,pencil shavings, popsicle sticks mirror and clam shells. Photographed under special lightz created by the artist from disposable cigarette lighters. 

Fabric, plastic phere, marble, compact disc,

Clam shells, fabric, plastic phere and mirror .

Bottle Cap Sculpture, fabrics, popsicle sticks, paper, and pine cone. Photographed under special lightz

Assorted pieces of plastic, compact discs and fabrics.

Clam shells, fabrics and popsicle sticks.

Clam shells, popsicle sticks, fabrics and plastic phere. 

Plastic caps from toothpaste tube,fabrics, and clam shells

Clam shells, popsicle sticks, wood skewers and fabrics.

paper, fabrics, wood skewers,

Acorn tops and fabrics

Fabrics, popsicle sticks, plastic pieces, and clam shells

Assortrted plastic pieces, fabrics and  plastic phere. 

Wood Sculpture ,carved by the artist, from a piece of wood found in Prospect Park in Brooklyn.

Pine cones, fabrics, incense sticks, q-tips and paper. 

The Artist

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